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SEO Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does SEO mean?
  2. How do search engines rank websites?
  3. How does search engine optimisation work?
  4. How soon will I see results?
  5. What are the costs involved in SEO?
  6. Will I be locked into a long term management contract?
Search Engine Optimisation Information

What does SEO mean?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation (or search engine optimization if you're American). It refers to the process of trying to improve a website's chances of ranking in the search engines for relevant search terms.

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How do search engines rank websites?

When a user types in a search query they are not actually searching the internet. Instead they are searching a database or index which the search engine has created containing copies of documents (web pages) which that engine knows about. These web pages are collected by programs called spiders or robots, which 'crawl' the web, downloading pages and following links to find new pages. Search engines use an equation called an algorithm in order to choose which pages to display in response to a query. This algorithm will include many different variables, such as frequency and prominence of search terms in the page, number and quality of links to the page and so on. Each engine uses a different algorithm, with these factors being weighted differently. These factors can be broadly grouped into those which deal with a site's relevance (to the topic of a search) and authority (its importance and trustworthiness).

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How does search engine optimisation work?

SEO involves a wide range of techniques and processes, but the overall objective is to ensure that a web page stands the best possible chance of being ranked highly for a target group of search terms. This involves taking steps to improve a site's relevance (keyword research, on-site optimisation, content and copywriting) and authority (link building, article marketing etc).

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How soon will I see results?

This is a question a bit like 'how long is a piece of string?' Search engine optimisation is not an overnight process. How quickly you see improvements in your website's search engine rankings and traffic will depend on a number of factors, such as how competitive the sector is, how much work needs to be done, how strong your site is to begin with and also its age. It takes time to build up trust in a site, and Google can be especially reluctant to rank new sites. As a rule of thumb we might normally expect to see significant improvements in engines such as Yahoo and MSN/Bing in 2-3 months, and in Google in 3-6 months. However, this can vary widely, and especially for new sites in highly competitive sectors will be significantly longer.

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What are the costs involved in SEO?

We provide our service on an ongoing monthly basis ans charge a monthly management fee. Our fees are dependent on a number of factors, such as the size and complexity of the site and the workload involved.
Contact us for a free SEO proposal and quote.

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Will I be locked into a long term management contract?

Not at all. Our service is provided on a month by month basis, with no minimum contract term. We just ask that you give us a month's notice if you wish to cancel.

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