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Competitor Analysis

In order to out-perform your competitors you need to understand them. We can learn a lot that will help with your own SEO by studying what your competitors are doing. We ask clients to identify their main competitors, but there are often surprises in store - your competitors from an SEO point of view may be different from your business competitors. On the web, you're competing against any site which ranks for the search terms your potential customers are using. For example, from an SEO point of view, a hotel web site is not simply competing against other local hotels, but also against travel sites, local directories and more. By analysing the sites which rank highly for your target search terms we can identify optimisation strategies and link building opportunities specific to the campaign in question. If it works for them, it can work for you too.

We analyse competitor sites in quantitive terms, examining factors like keyword density and back-links as well as looking at their content in more qualitative terms to get ideas about how the client's own site content can be improved. We use a number of software tools to collect data for competitor analysis, giving us access to a wide variety of information. Careful analysis can identify the key success factors for your niche.

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